Empowering Your Cyber Security Journey

Welcome to my digital CV.


My expertise enables me to dissect complex issues, offering tailored cyber security solutions that drive positive change. My keen analytical skills and effective communication empower clients to make informed decisions. I am dedicated to delivering results, ensuring client satisfaction, and fostering lasting partnerships.


I have extensive experience in designing cyber security protection for organization's critical assets from cyber threats. I build and develop teams of security analysts and setup Security Operations Centres managed by skilled cyber security professionals.


I have in depth experience in managing delivery of ISO27001/2, NIST CSF, CIS and CSA controls. I’ve written polices and standards in line with the industry good practice and clients requirements. I've developed Security Control Frameworks to meet specific clients needs.


With a keen eye for talent and a strategic approach, I've consistently transformed teams into cohesive, high-performing units. I excel in motivating staff. Through clear communication, recognition, and personal growth opportunities, I create an environment where team members thrive. My leadership fosters their development and contributes to both their individual progress and our collective success.


With a keen understanding of clients needs and preferences, I curate tailored solutions that exceed expectations. My knack for matching the right products and solutions with clients ensures their satisfaction and strengthens long-term relationships, fostering trust and loyalty.


I inspire and guide teams with a vision, fostering collaboration and innovation. My decisiveness and empathy create a supportive environment where individuals thrive. I lead by example, instilling dedication and determination, and achieving remarkable results together.


Since 2008

CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional


Since 2014

CISSP-ISSAP – Information Systems Security Architecture Professional

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Lead Implementer

Since November 2023

Certified ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Lead Implementer

Welcome to my website,

This platform serves as my digital CV, offering a glimpse into my journey in the realm of cyber and information security. Embarking on this path during the nascent stages of cyber threats, I've witnessed the dynamic evolution of the landscape over the past two decades. Amidst this rapid transformation, I've cultivated a keen ability to adapt, innovate, and proactively address emerging challenges, consistently delivering robust security solutions to my clients.

As an experienced professional in the field of cyber and information security, I've had the privilege of heading teams of dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts and security architects. Together, we've tackled complex security challenges, orchestrated rapid responses to incidents, and fortified digital fortresses for organizations of all sizes. These collaborative efforts have not only fortified my knowledge but have also provided me with a deep appreciation for the power of teamwork in the ever-present battle against cyber threats.

My work extends far beyond theoretical discussions; I specialize in translating technical jargon into actionable insights. I've successfully delivered comprehensive technical requirements that align with clients' unique needs and vulnerabilities.

By bridging the gap between technical intricacies and organizational objectives, I've enabled businesses to make informed decisions and fortify their digital infrastructure effectively.

Thank you